We gratefully accept donations. A Bridge Forward is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on donations and charitable foundation grants. Online donations are made securely through PayPal and are tax-deductible. If donating for a specific person or reason, please note on the PayPal page. 


Gifts from our community make our work possible. Please consider making a donation by clicking on the DONATE button, your gift will:

$1500:   Help us purchase three desktop computers for our computer-literacy training program.

$1000:   Provide us the opportunity to continue developing partnerships and community-building projects, like the transitional and long-term housing facility currently in production.


$750:   Allow us to purchase Murphy beds and other bedding structures for each of the units. In addition, we can purchase bathroom fixtures, such as sinks, cabinets and shower sets.

$500:   Allow us to purchase Residential and Commercial Building Permits, along with funding for retainer fee of contractor.

$250:   Help us to purchase basic household items for each of the units, to ensure residents are well-equipped and comfortable.

$100:   Covers the cost of a week of groceries for a young adult who has just entered the program, and will pay for flush toilets for each unit.

$50:    Purchase a box nails and other tools, equipment needed for building new construction.

$25:   Purchase bathroom hardware for each of the units